Office Furniture in Hollywood

lois lane from justice league sitting at office desk, typing into computer sitting in black mesh office desk with lamp

We recently posted a blog all about Olivia Pope’s Herman Miller office chair in Scandal and it got us thinking about where else we’ve seen recognizable office furniture in TV and movies. It’s not something you’d notice if you didn’t work around desks, cubicles, and chairs all day, but once you’re in the know in the office furniture world, you can’t escape it.

Rarely does a week go by without someone in our office asking the rest of us whether we noticed that cubicle, or that chair, in some movie or TV show. Here are some of our most recent catches.

Did you catch Justice League while it was in theaters? If so, you might’ve noticed Lois Lane sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron while working on a story at the office.


Fans of Blackish will recognize this conference room from Dre’s office, but did you recognize the Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad chairs too? This is the same chair Olivia Pope was sitting in in our earlier blog post–it must be a popular choice with set designers. If you love this conference room design as a whole, we also sell a conference table that looks very similar to this one, although it’s hard to know for sure whether Blackish used the same manufacturer.


If you saw Justice League, you probably also saw Wonder Woman. Here, Wonder Woman herself uses a Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Series chair while working at the Louvre as Diana Prince at the beginning of the movie.


To return from film back to television, above we have a still from Parks and Recreation. While you wouldn’t normally expect to see high-end furniture on a show mostly set in a government building in small town Indiana, we do get a glimpse of it in season five when Ben Wyatt takes a job for a senator in Washington D.C. In this scene, an intern at Ben’s office is sitting in a conference room with Herman Miller Sayl chairs in a vibrant red.


From these examples, it looks like Herman Miller has a monopoly on office-related set design in Hollywood. It makes sense–they’re known for beautiful, classic designs that are always movie-ready.

Do you want your office to look as good as those in the movies and on TV? Who doesn’t, right? But if you’re budget isn’t quite as open as those of the set designers on these films and shows, you might want to give us a call. We can help transform your office into a movie-worthy one for a fraction of a price today!