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How to Channel Your Inner Olivia Pope at the Office

Those of you keeping up with Shonda Rhimes’ show Scandal know that protagonist Olivia Pope has moved to a new office since the start of season seven. Olivia, a character so fashionable she’s had a whole clothing line at the Limited based on her look, doesn’t get to choose much of the decor for said new office, but one thing […]

Remanufactured vs. New: A Case Study

We’ve talked about the cost effectiveness of choosing refurbished and remanufactured office furniture over new before, but until now, we’ve never really broken down how it works for you dollar by dollar. So have you been wondering just how much money you could save by opting to buy used instead of new? If so, just look at […]

Varidesk: A New Variation on an Old Office Theme

Have you been intrigued by the latest standing desk trend, but reticent to try it out yourself? Well, this might change your mind–in recent news, Shark Tank shark and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban purchased Varidesks for the Mavericks’ offices and locker rooms, claiming that the idea was to improve the energy in the space. […]

The Beauty of Productivity-Minded Design

Most of the time on here, we talk about products that you can buy from us–desks, cubicles, chairs, etc. But what doesn’t get talked about enough is our design team that works tirelessly to find the perfect space for each of those pieces in your office. When you buy furniture from us, you don’t just get the […]

Glass Marker Boards: Making Presentations Stylish Again

Does your office need something to write on for a public space, like a reception area or conference room, but you’re wary of the slightly unprofessional look of a traditional whiteboard? If so, we might have just the thing for you. Glass marker boards have been all the rage for a few years now thanks […]

Remote Working Not Working Anymore

A few years ago, working from home was all the rage–everyone wanted to do it. It meant not having to change out of your pajamas, hanging out with your dog while scrolling through emails, and not being subjected to office gossip and drama. But now, we seem to be slowly moving away from that idea and […]

(Re)Defining the Remanufactured Cubicle

One of the most popular services we provide at OSI is remanufacturing cubicles, but a lot of people from outside the industry might not be familiar with this terminology. So what exactly is a re-manufactured cubicle?   Well, it starts out as a normal pre-owned cubicle, but we give it a complete makeover based on […]

How Herman Miller Has Led the Way in Office Chair Design

Humans have been interested in ergonomics for thousands of years–whether they had a name for it yet or not. Hippocrates, for example, was designing medical tools with comfort and use in mind all the way back in in the 4th century BCE. There’s even evidence that the ancient Egyptians were thinking about comfort when building […]

Are You Working Harder or Smarter?

According to a New York Magazine article from 2015, having employees work longer hours isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to run your business. In this article, author Melissa Dahl suggests that, unsurprisingly, quality reigns over quantity–she says that if you work harder over shorter periods, you’ll get more done than dragging out your day so you […]

How to Know When It’s Time for an Office Reno

Did you catch the renovation bug after binge watching episodes of Love It or List It all weekend? Or are you just so tired of staring at the same cubicle every day that you can’t take it anymore? Perhaps it’s time to redo your office. Here’s how you can tell if it’s time to replace […]