A Surprising Number of Options

When you realize you need more storage at your office, you probably don’t think that you’ll have to make that many choices. But the type of storage you choose depends on many factors: what you’re storing, how much you need to store, the style of your office, whether the information you’re storing is sensitive or not, etc. At OSI, you have several types of used storage options to choose from. We have laterals, verticals, pedestals, and personal towers, in one- to five-drawer heights, made of wood, laminate, or metal, and with or without locks. At first all of the choices might seem overwhelming, but as you look at our inventory you’ll quickly find the perfect type of storage for your office.

metal mobile station with orange padded and top drawer open

Collaborating with Pedestals

Is your office a very open and collaborative space? If so, you might be interested in the latest trend in workstation storage. We’ve recently been getting requests to add cushions to the tops of pedestals and laterals as a means of encouraging collaboration. The theory is that, by providing a casual place to sit at each workstation, employees will naturally come together on projects and ideas thanks to the informality of the design. We can easily turn most pedestals and laterals into seats by adding cushions in the color of your choice to the top of them. That way, you don’t have to give up precious storage space, but you do get to turn your previously closed-off office space into an open-concept one.

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