Modern Styles for the Modern Office

The latest trends in office seating are all about sleek, eye-catching style. Lately, manufacturers have been coming out with chairs that look almost nothing like the stereotypical office chair, using bright colors, interesting patterns, and ground-breaking designs. If you want your office to fit with these modern trends, don’t shy away from the non-traditional. Think of the kind of statement you want to make with your chair—but don’t forget about comfort!

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round ball chair with red padded top and metal legs

What Do All of These Levers Do?

All of the levers and buttons on office chairs can be overwhelming, but they’re there for a good reason. If you’re investing in a commercial-grade chair for your office, it should fit you perfectly! That’s why the best manufacturers make their chairs so adjustable. On a top-of-the-line Herman Miller, Steelcase, or Knoll chair, you’re likely to have at least four adjustors. They main ones are usually for chair height, armrest height, lumbar support, and tilt, but some go further with levers that adjust chair width, slide the seat forward or backward, change the tilt tension, and even change the height of just the seat back. It may seem like a lot, but it’s all in an effort to make you as comfortable as possible. And if you’re worried about buying a chair you wouldn’t know how to work, just ask your salesperson! They’ll gladly go through each adjustment with you until you make it perfect.


As you browse our office chair inventory, you might wonder what makes one chair $200 and another $2000. But once you know what you’re looking at, figuring out whether the chair you like will be in-budget or not becomes a lot easier. First, the material of the chair is the clearest indicator of price; a fabric chair will be the cheapest option, a leather chair in the middle, and a mesh one the most expensive. Next, look at the other parts of the chair. Does it have arms? Is the base made of metal rather than plastic? Each of those contribute to a higher price. Finally, look to the levers—the more adjustable the chair, the higher the cost.

Of course, all of the things that make a chair more expensive are there for a good reason. They make the chair more comfortable and more beautiful, and are usually a good investment. So, while you’re looking for a new chair or chairs, start thinking about what’s most important to you. Is comfort key? Then, keep your eye on adjustments. Do you want your chair to look like a piece of artwork? Stick to the design. From a quick visit to our showroom, you’ll find that we’ve got chairs to meet every need and want.

office chair with padded backing and metal frame and wheels

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