If you’re the kind of person who knows exactly what they want, you might run into trouble working with other office furniture dealers while trying to design your new or renovated office space. But at OSI, because we don’t constrain ourselves to working with a single manufacturer, your options are practically infinite. We can meet the needs of your office easily thanks to our large inventory and expansive list of manufacturers we work with. Stop by our showroom today to meet with a design consultant and discuss your office design ideas.

loft with four white desks with adjustable heights. Desks have creme and white half size dividers and flatscreen desktops


Working directly with a manufacturer can be a nightmare—they often take a long time to actually get the product to you, and it’s easy for mistakes to happen when you don’t have a consultant talking you through the process and making the orders for you. That’s why choosing OSI is so smart; we take dealing with manufacturers, measurements, and mistakes out of your hands and put it into ours, so you can focus on the important stuff, like choosing the materials, colors, and styles of your workstations.

Our Design Consultants Know Best

Making choices for each aspect of your new workstation can be difficult, but our design consultants are there to make it easy for you. They’ve got an eye for what looks good in each space, but know how to be practical as well, so you can trust them to guide you in the right direction at each step of the process.

loft with four white desks with glass side panes, four black metal chairs and one large black wood lateral

Talk to an OSI Office Design Consultant Today

Whether you are looking for new or used office furniture our experienced Office Design Consultants can walk you through the process, identify your specific needs, and align with your budget to get you the exact solution that will meet and exceed your expectations. Get the office environment you want. Select the WISE solution. Select Office Solutions Inc. Call 704-583-2144 or complete the Request a Quote form online now.