Installation & Delivery

Choosing and purchasing your office furniture is only half the battle—the next step is actually getting it to your office! OSI provides delivery and installation services for all of our customers to make your office renovation or move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Our expert installation team will deliver your furniture to your office at the date and time of your choosing, install everything quickly and efficiently, and make sure it all looks perfect. Their expertise with all of the major office furniture manufacturers—Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, etc.—makes each project a breeze.

White Glove Service

One of the most important parts of installing new (or remanufactured) furniture into your office is that it doesn’t disrupt work. That’s what makes our installers so great; by the time they finish, your office looks better than it did when they started, with every piece of furniture looking pristine. They’re not fazed by surprises, either—they’re able to think on their feet if something doesn’t go according to plan.

Our installers will also, upon request, walk you through the newly-installed furniture, providing demonstrations and explanations of every item if you so choose. That way, you aren’t left with a sit-to-stand desk you don’t know how to work or an office chair with five different levers and no instruction manual.

Timing is Everything

Despite our installers’ speed and efficiency, sometimes it’s impossible to keep the office running and get your new furniture installed at the same time. When necessary, we are able to do installations outside of normal business hours to best fit your schedule. The installers can come before 8:00, after 5:00, or even on a Saturday if it’s the only time that can work for you. That way, your office can continue to run smoothly as it undergoes all changes.