Why Your Office Needs a Conference Table

Some offices, especially those up on the latest trends, might think they don’t need a conference table. Perhaps you think you’ve got enough seating in the main office, or if you had to have a meeting you could do it in another part of the building. But conferences rooms in general, and conference tables specifically, are critical for every business. Think of them as the living room of the office—a place for the group to congregate, a central location where the most important happenings of your business occur. So, if you’ve been rejecting the idea of a conference table, maybe give it another shot! You’ll be amazed at how useful it can be for your company.

wood top silver base conference table with eight white and silver office chairs with wheels.

Unique Style for Every Conference Room

You might think a conference table is a pretty standard piece of furniture, but have you given thought to whether you want veneer or laminate, racetrack or boat-shaped, reeded- or radius-edged? When you buy a conference table new, all of these options are available to you, so we can help you create exactly what you had in mind for your conference room.


If you’re searching for a new conference table, are you certain of the size you need? The general rule is that you should leave five feet of space between the table and each wall to allow for the comfort of those sitting at the table. So if your conference room is 15’ x 10’, you might want to rethink that 12 foot conference table you were eyeing.

dark wood conference table with wood base and one electric outlet in the center. Surrounded by black leather office chairs on wheels

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