Mobilize Your Team’s Collaboration with Mobile Pedestals

two men talking in a white and slate workstation, one sitting on a horizontal drawer with a foam padding surface and the other sitting in a green and white office chair with mesh looking back

Design moves that promote collaboration within the office are at the height of popularity right now. But if you’re not ready to commit to a fully collaborative office environment, there are smaller changes you can make to your workspace to make it a little more collab-friendly. Switching out your current pedestals for mobile ones is a great start.

Mobile pedestals, or peds, are two drawer file cabinets on wheels that fit under your desk or cubicle. There are two things about mobile peds that make them such a great catalyst for teamwork:

1. Their Mobility

By putting a ped on wheels, you make it easier to transfer information. If you have to work with a colleague on several different projects, rather than walking to their desk with an armful of files, why not wheel your ped over to them? That way, you’ve got all the info you need, but you don’t risk becoming disorganized by having to take everything out of each drawer and possibly losing papers or files on the walk over to your coworker.


2. Their Seating Options

Let’s say you work in a very cramped office, one crammed so full of cubicles that you can’t keep a guest chair in case you have a visitor, be it a customer or a colleague. Mobile peds can help you here, too! We can easily add a cushion to the top of your ped to make it a seat; that way, you can simply pull the ped out from under your desk whenever you have a visitor. It’s a space saving way to encourage collaboration at the office, and it looks pretty cool too!


We currently have a large stock of mobile pedestals to choose from, so stop by today and pick some up for your office!