One of the biggest decisions when picking out a new desk is whether to go with a veneer or laminate finish; there are several factors that go into making this choice. Most importantly, what’s the general style of your office? A veneer desk is ideal for more traditionally decorated offices—think banks, law firms, and the offices of government officials. Veneer desks are the more expensive option, but they offer a sense of quality and elegance that, for the right customer, is absolutely vital.

black wood and green workstation. Wood desktop, white base and black cabinets with white padded top


Desks made with laminate materials can be just as stylish as veneer desks, but the price is usually a little less intimidating. Laminate desks are extremely durable; they don’t scratch easily, and can hold up against constant use day in and day out. You also have more color options with laminate—you don’t have to go with a laminate that looks like real wood, so you can get a little wild with colors if you so choose.


Whether you choose a veneer or laminate desk, your decision-making doesn’t end there. By buying a new desk, your possibilities for customization are limitless. Do you want overhead storage? With regular doors, flipper doors, or no doors at all? What kind of cable management do you need? And would you like a modesty panel at the bottom of the desk? All of these questions might seem overwhelming, but you can trust our design consultants to help you in any way they can.

cherry workspace with four overhead cabinets with black handles and black chair

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