Fireproof Your Files

Does your company handle highly sensitive paperwork that needs to be preserved at all costs? If so, a fireproof file cabinet might be right for you. They’re made with materials that can withstand flames. They offer peace of mind that normal file cabinets can’t, so you know your files will be protected should the worst happen.

white lateral filing cabinet with modern silver handles

Peds on the Move

Pedestals, or the two- to three-drawer file cabinets that fit underneath your desk/workstation, can come in hanging, mobile, or full-height versions. A hanging pedestal (ped for short), is attached to the bottom of the desk, so it seems to float instead of going all the way to the ground; it’s the most cost effective of the types of pedestals. Mobile peds are put on wheels to make them easy to move; you can even add a cushion to the top of a mobile ped and use it as a seat for visitors. A full-height pedestal usually helps support the desk or cubicle, and often has more drawers because of its taller height.


Personal towers, sometimes called personal units, might not be as easily recognizable as other types of storage you typically see in the office, but it can be very useful in the right environment. They typically go on the end of a workstation and serve as a great alternative to a lateral, vertical, or pedestal because of their unique shape. Their tall height and narrow width almost make them look almost like a locker. Personal towers are perfect for customers in need of a place to store objects other than files or other paper-sized items.

dark wood lateral filing cabinet with two cabinets, modern handles and single lock angled view

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