Remanufactured vs. New: A Case Study

We’ve talked about the cost effectiveness of choosing refurbished and remanufactured office furniture over new before, but until now, we’ve never really broken down how it works for you dollar by dollar. So have you been wondering just how much money you could save by opting to buy used instead of new? If so, just look at the following example.

Design blueprint

Several years ago a software company in Columbia, South Carolina came to us for a quote on a large, multi-phase project they planned to take on at their offices. They had already received several extremely high quotes for entirely new furniture and were looking for a cheaper option. 

By choosing remanufactured cubicles and used desks and chairs instead of new ones, their quote from us was over 50% cheaper than what other dealers could offer them. Additionally, we were able to save them money by removing all of their old furniture for free and including design and space planning services along with their purchase.

Remanufactured workstations

With our remanufactured cubicles, they got beautiful, new-looking workstations without the expense. Because of how much they were able to save with us on that major project, they have continued to use us for minor projects around the office since.

This is just one example of the many times we’ve helped our customers by offering lower prices than our competitors. If you’re interested in getting a quote from our sales team, visit our website today!