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Cubicles continue to be the choice of modern office planners and efficiency engineers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and the business world at large. Since its introduction by the Hermann Miller company in 1967, office cubicle furniture has evolved to meet the widest possible range of workplace environment and ergonomic requirements. The flexibility and diversity of available office cubicle systems, matched with the longevity and affordability of these furnishings, offers both small and large businesses a great choice. Here are 5 good reasons why purchasing office cubicles from by Office Solutions, Inc. can improve your staff’s productivity and strengthen your company’s bottom-line:

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Cubicles Block Distractions & Increase Worker Focus on Tasks at Hand

Cubicles reduce noise and limits the visual distractions typically experienced by employees working within more open-concept office floorplans. Most cubicles are equipped with excellent preset anti-glare lighting that is properly positioned to prevent glare and eye strain.

Cubicles Promote Both Personal Privacy and Co-Worker Collaboration at the Same Time

Providing both private space and team member proximity in the same package, modern cubicle design options include combined half and full-height wall sizes, staggered seating, swing-away accessories such as keyboard and monitor brackets, and other innovations that allow employees the flexibility to instantly adjust their work space to meet their changing configuration needs throughout the day.

Cubicles Foster Greater Productivity

Worn out, mismatched, damaged, outdated or just plain clunky office furniture adversely affects employee concentration, physical comfort and moral. Use cubicles is an excellent way to ensure that all your team members are properly equipped and ready to perform at their very best throughout the work day. And when you are ready for expansion, adding or reconfiguring your cubicles is often quicker and easier than having to redesign your entire office space to support the addition of new work areas.

Cubicles Offer Safe and Secure Surroundings

With built-in cable trays, power outlets, anti-glare lighting, locking compartments, flexible desk heights, handy within-reach storage, and other common cubicle system options and accessories, your staff will enjoy working in a welcoming environment that is safe, convenient, comfortable and tangle-free.

Cubicles Cost Less Than You Might Think

Today, there is a wide variety of new, used and refurbished office cubicles that will fit most any budget. Used cubicle systems are often less expensive than traditional office furniture items and may last two and three times longer that piece-meal furnishings. Refurnished cubicles expand your ability to update and customize your office space by adding and replacing new fabric on cubicle walls and tiles, exchanging work surfaces, and substituting or reconfiguring connected storage compartment units and other components

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With an over 60,000 square foot showroom, you’ll find what you need in-stock and ready for installation. The space planning experts at Office Solutions will help you identify your options and design a great furniture plan that is specifically created for your unique office layout. Whether you are considering purchasing new cubicles, used systems or refurbished options, the team at Office Solutions will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to select the right furnishings that will benefit your staff and organization, save money and ensure greater productivity for many years to come.

#148 Herman Miller Cubicles with Glass Panels

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