Show-Stopping Style Without Heart-Stopping Price

The conference table is often the statement piece of furniture in an office. It’s where some of the most important conversations happen—pitches to clients, visits from corporate, employee reviews—you name it. If ever a single piece of office furniture needed to impress, it’s the conference table. However, your budget can’t always match that desire to impress. Luckily, we offer a wide selection of used conference tables of varying sizes, shapes, and colors.

12' veneer conference table with wood top and 12 black leather office chairs


Not only should your conference table be beautiful, but it should be practical as well. For the 21st century, the practical conference table needs technical components that help streamline your meetings, such as built in speakers for teleconferences, cable management to allow you to plug in laptops, tablets, and phones as necessary, and even a hookup to connect to a television or projector for presentations. Many of our used conference tables come with these features built in, so you can choose for yourself between each type of component setup when you visit our showroom.

The Latest Conference Table Trend

You’ve heard of the sit-to-stand desk, but have you heard of the sit-to-stand conference table? It’s the latest trend in office design; people love how it gives you different options for how to use your conference room. Do you want your colleagues on their feet to promote creative thinking and collaboration? Or does the serious nature of the meeting suggest that everyone should sit down? The sit-to-stand conference table can do it all. Our team at OSI can turn almost any conference table, used or new, into a sit-to-stand one for a very reasonable price.

oblong dark wood conference table with six gray office chairs

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