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The Value of Purchasing Quality Used Furniture for Your Office Space

Making sure an office space has everything it needs can be quite the task. For new offices, it’s more than just purchasing ink toner and paper clips. If you’re in charge of purchasing office furniture for a Charlotte business, you may find yourself constrained by a tight budget. Luckily, we know of a great way […]

Which Cubicle is Right for Your Charlotte Business?

As a business owner or purchasing manager, you have a lot on your plate. Choosing the right cubicles for your business in the Charlotte area may seem overwhelming, but Office Solutions, Inc. is here to make it easy! When searching for the right cubicle for your Charlotte business, it’s important to keep your employees comfort […]

Are You Working Harder or Smarter?

According to a New York Magazine article from 2015, having employees work longer hours isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to run your business. In this article, author Melissa Dahl suggests that, unsurprisingly, quality reigns over quantity–she says that if you work harder over shorter periods, you’ll get more done than dragging out your day so you […]