Decisions, Decisions

There are many directions you can take when choosing new lobby furniture—you could stick with the traditional design of lobby chairs placed along the wall with a few side tables thrown in, or you could side with the latest trend of soft seating. Recently, lobby furniture manufacturers have taken to producing more modular seating for the reception area, like the picture shown here. This look is ultra-modern, and comfortable too! Depending on the look you’re going for, your office might be better suited to one option over the other—we’re more than happy to help you decide.

Don’t Forget Your Receptionist

Another eye-catcher in the lobby is your receptionist’s desk; that’s why it’s essential that you find the perfect one for your office. The receptionist’s desk is one thing you shouldn’t want to scrimp on—it’s the ideal place to go all out because it’s what your customer is most likely to notice. So don’t hold back! Go for the sit-to-stand option, get the matching credenza, and choose a style that’s everyone will take notice of.


It’s a question that every office has to ask itself when the time comes to design the lobby: to put in a TV, or not to put in a TV? On the one hand, you want your customers to be comfortable while they wait, but on the other hand, you don’t want them to get too comfortable—they might prop their feet up and take a nap! A number of factors should go into your decision, the average time spent waiting in the lobby, the demographics of your customers, and your own budget, but it is something you should decide sooner rather than later. That way, our salespeople know you to set up the lobby for you when they go to make a blueprint of the design.

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