The Value of Purchasing Quality Used Furniture for Your Office Space

Making sure an office space has everything it needs can be quite the task. For new offices, it’s more than just purchasing ink toner and paper clips. If you’re in charge of purchasing office furniture for a Charlotte business, you may find yourself constrained by a tight budget. Luckily, we know of a great way for you to find quality furniture without going over budget. When shopping for your office space, you can save money by purchasing quality used office equipment!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

You may not have initially thought of purchasing used office furniture, but it’s important that you know all of your options. Just like purchasing a pre-owned car, it’s not for everyone – but it is your best bet for a great value! Used office furniture, like remanufactured cubicles, can make the office space for your Charlotte business feel updated, cohesive, and used efficiently.

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Depending on how long the office space has been in use, it is likely that the office furniture is old and outdated. Nowadays, offices are utilizing standing desks, ergonomic chairs, and mounted monitors. These advances come with recent studies correlating people’s chronic aches and pains to years of being in an uncomfortable position behind a desk. If you’re thinking about an office renovation, chances are that it’s time!


Have you noticed that there are several different types, colors, and sizes of furniture around the office? This is often common for small businesses in Charlotte that were looking to cut back on spending when furnishing the office. This doesn’t have to be the case, however! If you’re looking to replace cubicles for your office space, you can purchase used cubicles that have been refurbished to look new! These remanufactured cubicles are stripped down to bare bones before adding new, matching fabric on cubicle walls and tiles, exchanging work surfaces, and reconfiguring connected storage compartments. These replacements will bring a neat, less distracting look to the office space.


Not only does used office furniture add an updated, coordinated look – it can also contribute to a more efficient use of the space! You may not realize it, but you could be taking advantage of your office space differently. What feels like a small space, could have more potential. The space-planning experts at Office Solutions can tell you how to best design a furniture plan for your specific Charlotte business with used office furniture.

You could go over budget with brand new office furniture – but why would you? Purchasing used cubicles, chairs, desks, and storage cabinets can still benefit your Charlotte business, all without having to put up a fight with accounting!

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With an over 60,000 square foot showroom, you’ll find what you need in-stock and ready for installation. The space planning experts at Office Solutions will help you identify your options and design a great furniture plan that is specifically created for your unique office layout. Whether you are considering purchasing new cubicles, used systems or refurbished options, the team at Office Solutions will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to select the right furnishings that will benefit your staff and organization, save money and ensure greater productivity for many years to come.

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