How to Channel Your Inner Olivia Pope at the Office

Those of you keeping up with Shonda Rhimes’ show Scandal know that protagonist Olivia Pope has moved to a new office since the start of season seven. Olivia, a character so fashionable she’s had a whole clothing line at the Limited based on her look, doesn’t get to choose much of the decor for said new office, but one thing she does change is the chair.

Olivia Pope sitting in a Herman Miller chair

She doesn’t just choose any chair, though. She picks a Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Executive chair–a real classic. It’s sleek, modern design doesn’t really match the more traditional look of the rest of the office, but it definitely stands out; just like Olivia herself.

Most of us can only dream of looking as effortlessly cool as Kerry Washington does in her role as Scandal’s front woman. But now’s your chance! For those of us who don’t have Olivia Pope’s budget, we sell a pre-owned version of the Herman Miller Eames Soft Pad Executive chair, as well as a private label version that looks extremely similar, for a fraction of the price of the chair sold new.

Private label version of Herman Miller chair

So stop on by or give us a call! We’ll get your office looking Olivia Pope-worthy in no time.