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Remanufactured vs. New: A Case Study

We’ve talked about the cost effectiveness of choosing refurbished and remanufactured office furniture over new before, but until now, we’ve never really broken down how it works for you dollar by dollar. So have you been wondering just how much money you could save by opting to buy used instead of new? If so, just look at […]

The Beauty of Productivity-Minded Design

Most of the time on here, we talk about products that you can buy from us–desks, cubicles, chairs, etc. But what doesn’t get talked about enough is our design team that works tirelessly to find the perfect space for each of those pieces in your office. When you buy furniture from us, you don’t just get the […]

(Re)Defining the Remanufactured Cubicle

One of the most popular services we provide at OSI is remanufacturing cubicles, but a lot of people from outside the industry might not be familiar with this terminology. So what exactly is a re-manufactured cubicle?   Well, it starts out as a normal pre-owned cubicle, but we give it a complete makeover based on […]

The Office Cubicle’s Comeback

Woman working at sit-to-stand cubicle

Out with the New and In with the Old: If you’ve been keeping up with trends in office furniture for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the decline in popularity of the office cubicle. Whether they’re looking to keep up with what’s “in” or simply trying to keep their budget low, office managers have […]