How Do You Use Your Breakroom?

Before designing your breakroom, it’s important to think about how it’s going to be used. Do your employees only visit it to eat lunch, or do they take their breaks there as well? Your breakroom’s uses will affect what furniture you end up purchasing for it. Here at Office Solutions, Inc. our wide selection of new breakroom furniture can help you meet your office’s needs—whether it’s just a few tables and chairs or something more comfortable for lounging.

modern breakroom set. White round tables, one tall and one short. Tall table has two round white and metal chairs and shorter table has two white metal shorter chairs

The Taller the Better

A growing trend in breakroom furniture is the café-height table. Taller tables, like the one seen above, are visually interesting and a great way to break up the space. They give your employees more options of where to sit while the eat their lunch, too. We have a variety of new café-height tables to choose from, so call today to check them out if you’re interested!


In every other room in your office, you probably made sure to incorporate your company’s colors into the design scheme, right? But don’t forget about the breakroom! You can easily fit the colors from your logo into the design of your breakroom as well. New furniture for the breakroom can come in countless colors, so if anything, it’ll be easier to find the right colors there than for other parts of your office. For example, our colors are blue and red, so to best represent the company in the breakroom we could choose red chairs for the café-height tables and blue ones for the standard tables; that way, it’s not overwhelming, but you can still notice if you know what you’re looking for.

breakroom with several tables and chairs. Tables are cherry with white and metal chairs

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