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Are you thinking of furnishing your new office space or are you expanding your old one? Probably the first thing to consider would be how you are going to furnish it. If you are a new kid on the block and are planning to run your operations on a tight budget then thinking about buying an “as it is” furniture solution is a viable option. There are numerous dealers you can find who specialize in selling used cubicles and other office furniture that suit your needs and Office Solutions is one of the best.

Used Cubicle

Used CubiclesUsed Cubicles are available in various models and sizes. Cubicles are slightly bigger than workstations. The difference ends there. Most modern cubicles come ready-made and completely pre-wired. All you have to do is plug in and play. Cubicles are normally a half-exposed work space that not only departmentalizes your office space neatly, but also provides a professional demeanor to your office. It also gives your employee a small private workspace to work without distractions.

Standard cubicles come at an average height of 60 inches. They contain a primary work area and a secondary work area. They are designed keeping in mind the storage requirements of a worker. They have box pedestals and file pedestals. A task light is also normally provided.

Is it for You?

Now in times of recession, most smart businessmen are trying out the option of reusing used cubicles and other furniture items. If you want to stretch your dollar to its maximum worth, then refurnishing your office space with used cubicles is a good option.
Buying used cubicles from Office Solutions is a good idea. Sourcing it yourself takes a lot of time and effort and does not provide a guarantee on the product. Vendors of used cubicles ensure the quality of the used cubicle. They dry clean and retouch chipped parts giving it a new lease on life. If you want more, there is also an option of refurbished cubicles. Refurbished cubicles are used cubicle that are refinished and completely restored. They cost slightly more than the used cubicles but still less than new.

Bargain Time

Though you can do a little online research to find the best deals, it also helps to come on down to the used cubicle dealer who stocks a wide variety of used cubicles: Office Solutions. It would be a good idea to first plan your office layout and decide on the number of used cubicles you would be requiring and also the size of each.

When you shop with a vendor who has a large collection like we do, you get to choose and make comparisons in terms of quality and prices. Also, check on warranty periods to be assured of the quality of the used cubicle you are buying. You can also try and negotiate to get a better price. Try and maintain your used cubicle after you purchase it because most used cubicle vendors also promise a buy back option. Visit Office Solutions to buy used cubicles.

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