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Our used cubicles are right here in Charlotte at our warehouse. Convenient price and location.
Used Cubicles for Sale
Used Cubicles for SaleCubicles are an inherent part of any work place. However, in these times of economic turmoil, where the economy sways from one end to the other without any prior indication, it is better to use your resources diligently. Therefore, it might be in the best interests of your business to buy used cubicles, rather than shelling out more money and buying new ones. We offer a wide selection of choices and price points for you.

Fix your Budget for Used Cubicles for Sale

The first step, even before you go and find a used cubicle for sale, is fixing your budget. You should have a clear idea about what you want and also how much of your money you are willing to part with in order to buy that. Avoid making a budget which is either too lenient or too strict. You should appropriate the expenses judiciously for the proper utilization of your money.
With a budget in mind, the next step is to take some basic measurements and draw up a basic sketch of your office layout. And don’t worry if it looks a bit crude, we can easily convert your sketch into CAD and once it is on screen, we can help move things around to best suit your needs!

After the sale

Office solutions offers delivery and setup options at a great rate as well. So we can be part of every phase of your search for used cubicles:
Planning : We offer CAD drawings
Layout and Design: We can assist with the actual design!
Delivery: We have our very own trucks and CLEAN, PROFESSIONAL installers!
Setup: We do that too!
We can even remove your old cubicles to get ready for your replacement cubicles.

On a Final Note

There are many places where you might find used cubicles for sale at relatively low prices but as you will see, once you add up all the benefits of doing business with us, your decision will be an easy one. Office Solutions.
Never sacrifice quality for price. Make a wise decision and come to Office Solutions.

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