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Used Cubicles in Charlotte – Benefits of Buying Locally

Cubicles are an intrinsic part of any office. They are an integral essence of a office place. They give your work place an aura of individuality and are quintessential to its being. Buying new ones can put a strain on your pocket book. So, you can always consider buying used cubicles. Buying used cubicles in Charlotte can be a very fun thing to do and it has its share of benefits too!!


Saving Money

Business is all about putting your resources to good use. Buying used cubicles can save a substantial amount of your money, which you can put into other uses. Many of the used cubicles in Charlotte and other places have been in use for no longer than two to three years and are in good condition. And on top of that, it will cost you only about half of what a new cubicle would have cost you. It is indeed a very cost effective method if your business is at its budding stage. Also, buying the used cubicles locally would save you the shipping costs involved in moving the cubicles.

Time Saver

Buying the used cubicles in Charlotte or any local area would go a long way in saving your time as well. Any one who has ever bought new furniture will tell you that it sometimes takes up to one month for the delivery of the furniture to take place. But, if you are buying the used cubicles locally, then you can expect the furniture in your office within a maximum time of two days.

Promotes environmental well being

It is very much helpful for the environment if you decide to buy used office cubicles. It takes a lot of time to recycle old furniture and make new ones from them. New cubicles are made from cutting fresh wood from the forests. With more than half of the world’s forest resources exhausted, you can set a bright example to others and take a step towards protecting our environment by buying used cubicles locally.

Economic Impact

When you buy used cubicles in Charlotte, you give your local independent business partners a boost. This in turn benefits your local community at large. When you buy the used cubicles locally, you pay money to your local business man. When others too start following your example, the money from your locality starts rotating. It is common sense that idle resources slow down the economy. When the money starts rolling like this, the economy emerges as the winner. It is highly beneficial for all.

More Value for your Money

When you buy brand new furniture, the resale value of the same can get down to as little as thirty percent of the original price in a period of five years, after deducting depreciation. But, when you buy used cubicles in Charlotte or your local area, the resale price can be as high as seventy five percent of the price that you paid while buying the cubicle. You can also select the one that suits your needs from a wide array of several other cubicles of varying designs. This gives more value for your money and is indeed a well thought out investment for your office. Turn to Office Solutions for all your used furniture needs.

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