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Tips for Renovating your Office Area

Reception Area
Used Home Office FurnitureYour reception area is your business’ initial point of contact for your clients and employees. Good office furniture gives you an opportunity to generate that favorable first impression on them. And if you’re on a budget, used office furniture Charlotte can do wonders for your reception area and your entire office.

Make everyone comfortable
A few ideas in the selection, placement and inclusion of furniture impart an aesthetic and professional look to your front office, and impress your visitors as well. Ensure that your reception employees and visitors are comfortable with the furnishings. Improper furnishing can affect productivity and perspective, which affects your business.

Tips to Enhance your Reception Area


    • Use larger reception desks. A larger and wider desk is appealing and professional, and is comfortable for receptionists to work on as they go about their different desk duties.Larger desks also serve to identify reception areas better to visitors; visitors can more easily locate and approach the reception desks for enquiries without having to search for it. L-desks and circular desks are some popular choices for the reception area.


    • Incorporate file storage cabinets. Receptionists have to handle telephones, work on computers and juggle numerous files. Make it easier for them by providing spacious desks and file storage cabinets. Having a space for everything keeps the reception desk organized, receptionists stress-free, and your visitor experience pleasant.


    • Install cushioned furnishings for visitors. There are durable yet attractive chair designs available in the market. These furnishings make waiting time comfortable for visitors. You may also want to complement comfortable seating with a play of soothing music in the background or visually-appealing elements such as sculptures and water fountains.


    • Arrange furniture effectively. Chairs, tables and desks should not eat up reception space leaving little room for visitors to even walk. Choose designs that save space but are comfortable and appealing as well.


  • Ensure the reception is well-lit by using desk and standing lamps. Hang artworks that are attractive and soothing to the eye.

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It’s the right furniture that makes the right impact on visitors. And, when it comes to used office furniture in Charlotte, quality is of utmost importance. Ensure that you choose a furniture store of good reputation. Check out our online feedback which scores us one of the best used office furniture companies in Charlotte. We are your wise decision for used office furniture.

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If you’re looking for like-new used office furniture in North Carolina at low prices, Office Solutions Inc. is the place for you. Some stores buy any used office furniture they can get their hands on and leave you to pick through it like a garage sale, looking for anything useable. But Office Solutions Inc. is different. We do thework for you by rejecting pieces that are damaged, look worn out, or don’t work properly. What’s left is a superior selection of used office furniture available to you at discounts up to 80 percent. Choose from cubicles, workstations, desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bookcases, waiting room furniture, reception furniture, and more. We carry all the same styles and manufacturers you find in our new inventory used as well.


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We’re happy to deliver purchases to buyers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, and we’ll ship anywhere in the continental U.S., from Boston to Phoenix and anywhere in between.

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