New and Used Steelcase Chairs: Impeccable Quality, Affordable Prices

New and Used Steelcase Chairs: Impeccable Quality, Affordable Prices

Known worldwide for their commitment to the integrity of each and every piece of furniture they produce, Steelcase is one of the leaders in the industry. Office Solutions Inc. is proud to provide new and used Steelcase chairs to customers in Charlotte, North Carolina, and nationwide. Focusing on providing value-driven furnishings for home offices and businesses around the country, our Steelcase chairs are both beautiful and affordable.Steelcase Chairs for Homes and Offices in Charlotte and Nationwide

Take advantage of our large selection of seating from Steelcase, including:

  • Ergonomic designs to provide greater comfort and even decrease employee injury
  • Task Chairs, executive, guest chairs, waiting room, lounge, stackable and more styles
  • Rolling base and stationary
  • Leather, fabric, and mesh designs
  • Many colors and patterns to suit even the most discerning buyers
  • Leap chairs

From the most traditional styles to cutting-edge modern designsSteelcase chairs are offered in configurations to suit any taste. Plus, because we offer the choice of used furniture, you can get gorgeous Steelcase chairs at a fraction of their original cost. Regardless of your location or application, we’re confident you’ll appreciate the integrity and beauty of all our furnishings.

Call or e-mail Office Solutions Inc. today for more information on all our office seating, including a wide selection of new and used Steelcase chairs.