Ergonomic Computer Workstations

Quality Ergonomic Computer Workstations

A poorly designed workspace can be detrimental to a person’s body. Over time, one can develop various injuries from continuous exposure to repetition and poor posture especially for workers who sit all day like call center employees or customer service technicians. At Office Solutions Inc. , we have a large selection of ergonomic computer workstations that are created with the user in mind. These workstations are designed to minimize the stress put on a person’s joints by offering the following:Ergonomic Computer Workstations

  • Adjustable keyboard height and angle for proper position
  • Flexible computer monitor arms and stands
  • Adjustable height for sit or stand options
  • Plenty of desk space for free movement

At Office Solutions Inc., we proudly offer new, used, and refurbished furniture options from trusted manufacturers like Herman Miller, HON, Haworth, and more in Charlotte, North Carolina and nationwide businesses. With over 100,000 square feet and three locations in the Charlotte area, our selection of ergonomic computer workstations is unsurpassed.


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