Call Center Workstation

Affordable Call Center Workstation in Charlotte

Call Center Workstation

At Office Solutions Inc. we understand that your business is unique and we know that generic solutions to your office furniture problems won’t work. This is true for call centers, too. If you’re running a customer service center you’ll likely need filing and storage space for employees who help repeat customers. But if you’re outfitting a sales room call center, the storage might be irrelevant and you’d benefit more from a compact call center workstation. We have both of those options and many more at Office Solutions Inc., so we’re certain to have something that’s perfect for your employees.


Choose from features including:


  • Wood or painted metal frames
  • Fabric or glass partitions
  • Built-in storage
  • Adjustable ergonomic options
  • More

We even have workstations in our used inventory that can save you serious money. Call or email us today and one of our trained specialists will help you explore the call center workstation options available in our inventory. We’re happy to ship your new workstations to LA, St. Louis, Tampa or anywhere else in the U.S.