The Beauty of Productivity-Minded Design

Most of the time on here, we talk about products that you can buy from us–deskscubicleschairs, etc. But what doesn’t get talked about enough is our design team that works tirelessly to find the perfect space for each of those pieces in your office. When you buy furniture from us, you don’t just get the furniture itself; you can also get our design and installation services that come together to make your office redesign as effortless for you as possible.

Office design layout

The process begins with our sales and design consultants, who discuss your office furniture wants and needs with you. Once they figure out what it is that you want, they use that information to design your ideal space on an architectural design computer program, taking both practicality and aesthetics into account.

AutoCAD design drawing

Finally, our installation team delivers and installs the furniture to the exact specifications of the layout as designed by your sales consultant. Then, voila! You have a beautifully redesigned office laid out for ideal productivity.

Design for cubicles in an office

There have been several cases where we were able to help our clients more than they thought was possible. For example, we recently did a redesign for a landscaping machinery company where, thanks to the expertise of our consultants, they were able to fit forty more cubicles than previously thought possible in their offices.

So, do you think your office could benefit from our design consultants’ eye for practical improvement? Get in contact with them today!