Sustainable Office Furniture

Sustainable Office Furniture for Your Business


Sustainable Office FurnitureIt’s not enough these days to provide customers with good service and products; they want you to be socially responsible too. Office Solutions Inc. can help you do that with the sustainable office furniture in our used inventory. What makes it sustainable? The fact that next to no fuel or new materials are used to make it available to you. Wood, metal ore and other materials need to be harvested and crafted to create new furniture, a process that uses a lot of energy and many natural resources. New furniture also needs to be shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor before it’s purchased by the consumer, using even more fuel. Office Solutions Inc.’s used furniture is simply shipped to you, using very minimal resources.

Quality and Sustainable Office Furniture


Of course none of this matters if you have to sacrifice durability, quality, and affordability, but with Office Solutions Inc. you won’t. We sell only the highest quality sustainable office furniture from brands like Knoll, Office Star, HON and Herman Miller, and each piece is examined to ensure that looks great and performs like new. Our used pieces also come heavily discounted – by as much as 80 percent – meaning that you can save big money while boosting your image as a company that cares.


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Contact us today for more information on our sustainable office furniture. One of our trained service providers will be happy to help you select just the right pieces for your company in Charlotte, Roanoke, Helena or anywhere else in the U.S. You may also visit our website for more information about sustainable office furniture.