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Used Furniture - Asset ManagementUsed Furniture - Asset Management

With a comprehensive menu of furnishing and asset management services, Office Solutions can provide you with all of your office furniture requirements. Your overall expenses will be minimized thanks to our affordable prices. And the performances will improve because of our network of expert local providers.

Capitalizing on the Workplace Investment

We at Office Solutions offer a variety of facilities made to protect your assets and prolong the valuable life of your office environment.


Office Solutions can use inventory reports of present furniture assets. We also offer space planning and installation, and we will use drawings in order to illustrate product use and spatial connection and determine reuse and various distribution strategies.

Furniture Standards

Our company can develop and keep a standard program for handling furniture buyers over time. By implementing a lasting plan, our customers can regulate expenses and keep a steady workplace appearance while sustaining the purpose and aesthetic of the standard workplace design.

Storage and Warehousing

Eventually, a company expands, deals, and restructures. When these changes happen within an office and underutilized fixtures needs to be eliminated, we offer warehouse storage services.


Our space planning workers are talented enough to reconfigure existing furniture inventory assets to mirror an updated application or suit the latest facilities. This procedure makes sure the maximum used fixture assets show extra components which may be needed.


Present fixtures can frequently be rehabilitated to prolong their useful life. Office Solutions’ service team can inspect present furniture assets to determine if rehabilitation is an effective solution for a workplace.

Other abilities include:

Refinishing and Touch –up services
Upholstery services, including custom upholstery and repair
Paneling as well as upholstery cleaning services
Office Solutions provides the best selection of new and used office furniture in the Charlotte NC area so contact us today.