Remote Working Not Working Anymore

A few years ago, working from home was all the rage–everyone wanted to do it. It meant not having to change out of your pajamas, hanging out with your dog while scrolling through emails, and not being subjected to office gossip and drama. But now, we seem to be slowly moving away from that idea and back to the traditional work setup. Why?

Working from home with cat

It could be a lot of factors: missing workplace camaraderie and feeling out of the loop, getting too easily distracted, worrying about getting passed over for a promotion, or even getting tired of staying at the house all day. Citing a recent online report, The Business of Furniture backed up this idea of remote work going out of style, “with nearly 1 in 6. . .of office colleagues thinking that remote workers are less valued by a company, 20 percent believing they’re being promoted less often and 8 percent even viewing them as less trustworthy.”

Of course, working from home is still a great option for many people. Parents of young children who work from home could save on daycare, night owls could sleep in a little without having to worry about getting dressed and commuting first thing in the morning, and misanthropes can almost entirely avoid real life human interaction. But many other people might find the idea of working at home by oneself for eight hours a day at best boring and at worst lonely and frustrating.

Comic about working from home

What do you think? Should employers stop offering the option of remote work completely, improve the office’s atmosphere to help lure remote workers back, or continue to let employees decide which course of action works best for them?