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Office Workstations: How to Choose the Style that’s Right for Your Office

When you’re shopping for office workstations, you’re sure to come across a seemingly endless number of options. Each of the nearly infinite brands seems to have at least half a dozen styles of their own, and these styles have even more options to choose from. However, options for office workstations can be broken down into several simple categories.

Office WorkstationsBrand – Although there are many brand names on the market, there are a few respected and held above the rest. If you’re looking for office workstations that will last you for many years, it’s highly recommended to choose from these brands. By using higher quality materials and precise manufacturing techniques, these companies create workstations that are superiorly durable and dependable. Some of the better known names are: Herman Miller, Haworth, HON, Steelcase, Allsteel, Cherryman, and many more.

Office Workstations and It’s Brand

At Office Solutions Inc., you can trust that all the brands of office workstations offered on this site have been fully researched and are a part of this elite group.


Fabric – Just as with office chairs, office workstations come in many fabric materials, colors, and patterns. When shopping, consider the style of your office. The pattern or color you choose must match the office; otherwise, you will lose the professional look and feel. Most companies choose neutral colors like varying shades of gray, navy blues, or tan for their office workstations. However, if you are furnishing a new office, you can choose brighter colors and select your other office furniture, such as seating, around them. Many manufacturers have collections that are specifically made to match chairs with fabric walls of office workstations.


Frame – There are two main choices for your office workstation frame: wood and metal. Each of these materials has its own benefits. Metal, for example, is exceptionally durable, and you can have it painted virtually any color you desire. However, wood provides a warm, traditional look and feel that metal simply can’t match. This particular option for your office workstations depends almost solely on your personal cubicle style preference.


Size – If your company is in an industry where employees do not need as much interaction, then it is recommended to get higher cubicle walls. However, if employees need to converse or consult one another throughout the day, then you can get shorter walls, which allow for the privacy and sound reduction that office workstations are so noted for without the seclusion.


These are just a few of the options you should consider when shopping for office workstations. By narrowing down your selections using these features, you can make the process much easier, smoother, and faster. If you have any questions, or you’d like to speak with someone about getting affordable new, refurbished, or used office workstations and other office furniture from Office Solutions Inc., call or e-mail us today.


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