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Things To Contribute in Office Furniture Price


Office Furniture PriceSo you’re setting up a home office for your Nashville start-up. Or maybe you’re an Charlotte office manager buying new cubicles for your corporate headquarters. Whatever the case, there are many ways to shop for office furniture. Price is a popular way, but going with the cheapest workplace furnishings can cost you more in the long run.

As you browse your options, keep in mind that price, while important, shouldn’t always be your deciding factor, and that the true cost of furniture may not be what’s on the price tag. Many things contribute to office furniture price, including the materials, brand name, overall quality, and whether it requires assembly.

Office Furniture Price Factors

What it’s made of

As with home furniture, the type of materials a manufacturer uses significantly impacts office furniture price. A new mahogany desk will always be more expensive than one made of particleboard. If your needs include durability and aesthetics, though, it would be worthwhile to invest in a solid wood desk. It will last longer and maintain its looks over time.

Quality and comfort

An adjustable office chair will generally cost more than one that’s not. A desk featuring extensive storage and organization solutions will generally be pricier than one offering little more storage than a tabletop. Someone who has to deal with extensive documentation will want more substantial organization features.

Brand name

Sometimes, office furniture price is higher because of the name on the label. Companies like Herman Miller and HON have earned reputations for their quality and innovation. Comfort-enhancing ergonomic workspaces and adjustable-height cubicles are among their creative designs.


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