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Office Furniture Company 28215As the demand grows for office furniture, Office Solutions, the premier office furniture company Charlotte, has invented new ways to produce furniture while keeping the craftsmanship of high quality. Our company has translated the idea of hand making top quality office furnishings to a production line approach.

While a lot of processes have become digital and automated as producing technologies enhance over the years, many methods are still done by talented craftspeople today. These take into account the lay-up and selection of custom color matching, hand sewn upholstering, as well as hand finishing of timber chair frames.

Office Furniture Company 28215 and Our Products

Office Solutions’ conference furniture is created at their main office by a group of skilled people devoted to upholding the quality. The meticulously chosen material is attentively transformed from unrefined materials into office furniture of long lasting elegance and performance.

We craft tables and chairs, giving state of the art woodcarving, upholstering and finishing. Accurate and intricate digitally controlled equipment carving gives every piece of furniture its original design and makes sure of definite consistency from furniture to furniture. Our company only uses high quality solid wood for maximum construction integrity and an enduring service life.

Office Solutions’ furniture passes a rigorous check prior to shipping. Cases are also assembled to make sure of proper fit and operation of drawers and door hardware, and each component is assessed for consistency of the product. A piece might be rejected by a team of talented employees at any point in the procedure, and a part, which does not pass inspection, is then remade. These rigorous checks make sure that the product you obtain is long lasting. Office Solutions is the leading office furniture company Charlotte. Office Solutions provides the best selection of new and used office furniture in the Charlotte NC area.

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