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Affordable Nice Office Furniture Weddington NC

Nice Office Furniture Weddington NCAre you in the market for affordable but nice office furniture? Weddington, NC companies shop at Office Solutions Inc. thanks to our extensive inventory and great prices on office furniture of all types, including desks, chairs, cubicles and office storage units.

Buying nice office furniture is only part of the equation; now you’ve got to keep your office furniture looking beautiful for many years to come! Consider the following tips for keeping your office furniture looking fabulous!

Prohibit employees from eating and drinking from un-covered drinks at their cubicles or desks. This will also save you from damage to your keyboards! Require staff to use water bottles or covered coffee cups if they’re drinking at their desks.

Require employees to use coasters if you have hardwood desks or a hardwood conference table.

Distribute lots of post-it notes to prevent staff from taping notes and other materials onto the desks or cubicle walls. If your cubicle walls have bulletin boards, distribute lots of tacks!

Clean your office furniture on a regular basis. Wooden desks, including wood laminate, should be wiped down with a wood conditioner on a monthly basis. Laminated desks or workstations should be wiped down with an antibacterial surface cleaner on a weekly basis.

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