Herman Miller Cubicles

New and Used Herman Miller Cubicles for Companies in Charlotte and Beyond


Herman Miller CubiclesRegardless of your location or industry, having high-quality cubicles to organize your office can make a huge difference. Herman Miller cubicles, known worldwide for their integrity and beauty, provide your office — be it a sales room or a law office — with a professional look and feel. And, when you deal with Office Solutions Inc. , you can get these workstations at incredible sale prices.

Variety of Herman Miller Cubicles

Choose from a variety of options for your Herman Miller cubicles, including:

  • Various wall heights for many levels of privacy
  • Fabrics in colors and patterns to complement any office environment
  • Wood and metal frames for the ultimate in both durability and beauty
  • Modular designs for easy movement and organization
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Modular configurations

In addition to the options of new and used, Office Solutions Inc. is a proud purveyor of refurbished Herman Miller cubicles. Gently used, often for only a few months, these cubicles are restored to their original glory and made to be almost indistinguishable from new. However, they are offered at a significant discount, providing unprecedented value. Regardless of whether you choose new, used, or refurbished Herman Miller cubicles, we’re confident that you’ll love all their benefits and beauty for years to come.

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