Discount Cubicles

Discount Cubicles for Charlotte, the Southeast, and Beyond


Discount cubicles are readily available from Office Solutions Inc..  With the same brand names as our other items-including Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Knoll-comes the same craftsmanship and care as with any new item.

With discount cubicles, you need not expect less in comfort or quality.  Our selection comes with the same features as any of our cubicles, including:Discount Cubicles

  • Numerous height and width options, customized to fit any space or angle
  • Countless pattern, fabric, and material options
  • Secure, sturdy wood or metal framing
  • Ergonomic designs with the user’s comfort and productivity in mind

Not only do our discount cubicles enhance the working experience, but they can come “as is” or completely remanufactured.

Quality Discount Cubicles

Don’t sacrifice quality when paying less.  Whether you are in Charlotte or beyond, find your ideal cubicles at the ideal prices with us.  Feel free to call or e-mail our representatives at any time for more information.


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