We at Office Solutions love and are dedicated to our job. Our enthusiasm for office furniture planning and installation has made our company stand out in providing services in the Charlotte, NC, area. For those who are looking for contemporary or used office furniture, Office Solutions is the best option.

Whether you are starting up a new company or expanding one, furniture is needed to accentuate the appearance and design of your office. We at Office Solutions understand that you want to cut expenses in the initial phases in order to be able to use money elsewhere. Therefore, purchasing used office furniture from a reliable office furniture provider has a lot of advantages.

A Smart Financial Investment: Office Solutions can save you over 80% of the expense of new office furniture. Some used office furniture pieces were just used for short period of time and have little wear and tear.

A Wise Time Investment: We will make sure that the delivery of your office furniture will perfectly coordinate with your hectic schedule as well as your assets. Once you order furniture, often it can take up to six weeks to be shipped. However, we guarantee that your order will go out in two days or less.

Retaining Value: Once you purchase new office fixtures, the resale value can go down 25% or less in five years. However when you purchase our used office furniture, the resale value can stay as high as 75% of what you paid.

Office Solutions helps companies to keep costs low. When you consider our company as your used office furniture dealer, you will obtain better deals, bargains, discounts and prices. So, why not think about used office furniture if you can save a significant amount?

Call Office Solutions now to get started. One of our experts will gladly help you answer any questions regarding the best office furniture suitable for your needs. Office Solutions provides the best selection of new and used office furniture in the Charlotte NC area.