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CubiclesCubicles are half-exposed work spaces so that employees can carry out their work in a private and distraction free work space. Once the functionality of a cubicle is understood, the etiquette falls in place automatically. Employers understand that a worker’s most productive hours come at his desk. So, in order to give them the space to kindle the creativity, the concept of cubicle come about Cubicles are often seen as the workers’ “my space” in a crammed up office.
If you work in an office that has neatly compartmented its cubicle workspaces, it would do you good to learn how to behave in such an atmosphere so you do not unknowingly rub your colleagues the wrong way! After all, cubicles are the areas where your employees need to feel at ease, comfortable and creative.

Respect Personal Space

It is always a good idea never to enter another’s cubicle without invitation. You might be causing them a distraction they could do without. In the same way, if you are forced to leave your desk for an impromptu meeting, make sure you stand up from your chair and go the entrance of your cubicle for that short one on one, to signal that you want to get back to work in a short time. Longer meeting can be taken to a conference table. It should also be mentioned here that cubicles are not necessarily the best place to hold a confidential meeting.

Accessorizing your Cubicles

You are free to personalize your cubicle. But don’t go overboard with it. Have photos of your dear ones but keep it to a limit; say maximum 3 to 4 would do nicely. Remember that it also reflects badly if you are making private phone calls during your working hours. Your office colleges don’t want to hear the problems you are facing with your plumbing. If you listen to music while at work use a headset.
Also try and keep your cubicle “odor-free”. Strong perfumes are a definite no-no. If you eat lunch at your cubicle, take the necessary pre-caution. It is also important to keep your cubicle workspace neat and tidy. This will reflect well on your organizing capabilities.


Just because the cubicle does not have a door it does not mean one can swagger into another’s cubicle to help oneself to the other’s paper clips! It is s a strict no-no. Also try not to peep from the top of a cubicle. It is considered invasion of space again.

Telephone etiquette

Do not use speakerphones in your cubicle. Yes, your cubicles are not sound proof and your conversation can be disturbing another at work. Keep the ringer volume at a low level and try and pick it up in two or three rings. Keep your voice down as you answer your call. If you have a cell phone put it on a vibrator mode. If you are leaving your cubicle, turn on the voicemail. It is also advisable to carry telephone calls of a sensitive nature somewhere more private.
These are a few of the ground rules you can use to try and make the office cubicle a more productive place. Take your pick from a variety of cubicles from Office Solutions.
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