Call Center Cublicles

Call Center Cubicles for Offices

From phones ringing to people talking to the general hustle and bustle of an office, a call center can be a loud and distracting place to do business. With call center cubicles from Office Solutions Inc., you can cut down on ambient noise, as well as visual distractions, allowing your employees to focus and serve your customers better. Offering new, used, and refurbished options for your panel system, Office Solutions Inc. has solutions for all budgets.
Call Center Cublicles

Office Solutions Inc.’s call center cubicles offer features such as:


  • Variable wall heights
  • Your choice of fabric for panels
  • Patterns and colors to match and complement any office
  • Wooden or metal cubicle frames

Office Solutions Inc. makes it our mission to offer furnishings of the highest quality. In order to be sold in one of our three locations or online, all of our call center cubicles must be exceptionally durable, and they must exhibit superior style and design. To meet this lofty goal, we offer products from the most reputable brands, who we have noted over the years as having meticulous craftsmanship and superior overall quality.


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