How Herman Miller Has Led the Way in Office Chair Design

Humans have been interested in ergonomics for thousands of years–whether they had a name for it yet or not. Hippocrates, for example, was designing medical tools with comfort and use in mind all the way back in in the 4th century BCE. There’s even evidence that the ancient Egyptians were thinking about comfort when building […]

Are You Working Harder or Smarter?

According to a New York Magazine article from 2015, having employees work longer hours isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to run your business. In this article, author Melissa Dahl suggests that, unsurprisingly, quality reigns over quantity–she says that if you work harder over shorter periods, you’ll get more done than dragging out your day so you […]

How to Know When It’s Time for an Office Reno

Did you catch the renovation bug after binge watching episodes of Love It or List It all weekend? Or are you just so tired of staring at the same cubicle every day that you can’t take it anymore? Perhaps it’s time to redo your office. Here’s how you can tell if it’s time to replace […]

An Apple a Day Keeps the Employees Away

If you count yourself as one of Apple’s many über fans, you’ve probably been hearing about their new headquarters. They’ve been in the process of building it for years, and it’s finally done (or almost there). However, much like their latest iPhones, the design of this new campus is somewhat of a disappointment. In an […]

Is Gray Here to Stay?

If you haven’t noticed yet how “in” the color gray has become, all you have to do is visit your local Ikea or turn on an episode of Property Brothers to see how the color has taken over every aspect of design. Of course, even professional settings have fallen under gray’s spell. Gray desks and […]

The Office Cubicle’s Comeback

Woman working at sit-to-stand cubicle

Out with the New and In with the Old: If you’ve been keeping up with trends in office furniture for the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the decline in popularity of the office cubicle. Whether they’re looking to keep up with what’s “in” or simply trying to keep their budget low, office managers have […]

Mobilize Your Team’s Collaboration with Mobile Pedestals

two men talking in a white and slate workstation, one sitting on a horizontal drawer with a foam padding surface and the other sitting in a green and white office chair with mesh looking back

Design moves that promote collaboration within the office are at the height of popularity right now. But if you’re not ready to commit to a fully collaborative office environment, there are smaller changes you can make to your workspace to make it a little more collab-friendly. Switching out your current pedestals for mobile ones is […]